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The jewellery you own is usually attached to memorable experiences and special occasions. This is why it’s crucial to preserve its beauty and ensure it lasts many more years. With LC Jewellers’ jewellery repairs services, you can preserve life’s most memorable, cherished moments embodied in the jewellery you own. We offer jewellery restoration, jewellery cleaning and jewellery repairs in Beenleigh and Brisbane, Queensland.

Jewellery Repairs

If you have broken or damaged jewellery, don’t keep it locked away or forgotten. You can enjoy the luxury of wearing your favourite pieces or simply knowing they are intact with our jewellery repairs in Brisbane and Beenleigh.

  • Chain repair/soldering: It’s common for necklaces and bracelets to get snagged on knitwear or accidentally yanked by tiny tots, but this doesn’t mean you can’t wear them anymore. If your necklace or bracelet chain is broken, we can solder or repair it so you can wear it again.
  • Clasp repair or replacement: Broken necklace or bracelet clasps are a common occurrence, as the clasp is a high-touch part of your jewellery that’s prone to damage. If the clasp becomes loose or breaks over time, we can repair or replace it as needed.
Jewellery Restoration
  • Ring resizing: If you need to make your rings smaller or larger to fit you comfortably, LC Jewellers provides ring resizing services. Whether it’s wedding bands, engagement rings, class rings or any type of ring, we can increase or reduce its band to ensure it fits you precisely.
  • Ring soldering and unsoldering: If you want to solder together two rings you always wear together, such as your engagement ring and wedding band, our soldering service produces immaculate results. Or, if you wish to do the opposite (unsolder) so you can mix and match your rings depending on your mood, we offer ring unsoldering services to ensure you get what you want.
  • Gemstone replacement: The gemstone of a jewellery piece is susceptible to getting damaged, loose or lost. If you lose any gemstones or wish to replace them with something new, LC Jewellers can assist you in sourcing or replacing them.
  • Stone tightening: The stone and setting component of various types of jewellery can get worn over time because of constant friction. When this happens, the stones or rocks can get loose. You need to get this problem fixed right away to avoid losing gemstones. So, just take your jewellery to us and we will work on tightening up all the stones and keeping them fastened securely.

Jewellery Restoration

For impeccable, high-quality jewellery restoration services, make sure to get in touch with LC Jewellers.

We offer the following services to both individual clients and jewellery shops:

  • Rhodium plating: With dipping or rhodium plating, we can reinvigorate the look of dull, discoloured jewellery. Rhodium is applied through the process of electroplating, so it binds to the metal of your jewellery.
  • Gold plating: If your gold jewellery seems to have lost its original colour and lustre, our gold plating service can resolve that. Through the process of electroplating, your jewellery can have its bright, sunny colour back.
Jewellery Repairs Brisbane - Lc Jewellers Workshop
  • Jewellery enamel repair: If you’re looking to have vintage jewellery repaired or restored or want to modify its appearance, restoration enamelling is a simple technique we use to infuse colour into your jewellery collection.
  • Re-stringing: It’s pretty common for the string of pearl or beaded necklaces and bracelets to slowly weaken and snap over time. If the beads or pearls appear unevenly spaced or the string is already broken, our re-stringing service can get your jewellery looking brand-new in no time.
  • Mill grain and detail re-engraving: Restore the fine, delicate details of your jewellery, such as the engraving, mill grain or brushed finish on your favourite jewellery pieces. With our mill grain and other detail re-engraving service, your jewellery will look as perfect as the time you first wore it.
  • Ring re-tipping: The claws in ring settings generally wear away over time, leaving gemstones vulnerable to getting lost or detached. To prevent this from happening and restore the look of your rings, we can create claws or re-tip existing claws. Since rings are designed in different ways, and re-tipping requirements vary depending on the extent of wear and tear, we customise our service to ensure only the best results.
  • Ring reshaping: It’s not unusual to find rings bent out of shape after being accidentally driven across or subjected to severe stress. So if your favourite ring has been squashed, stretched or is simply misshapen, take it to LC Jewellers for reshaping. We have the expertise and capabilities to restore your beloved ring to its former shape and glory.

Jewellery Cleaning

With regular wear and the passage of time, it’s normal for jewellery to lose its attractive sheen and for gemstones to lose their original sparkle.

If your jewellery appears to be in need of some expert buffing and polishing, make sure to bring it to us. We can give it the care it needs. After a bit of work at LC Jewellers, your precious jewellery will look flawless, with its shine and brightness carefully restored.

  • Gemstone polishing:This process entails buffing the surface of gemstones to remove scratches and restore their clarity and shine.
Jewellery Cleaning
  • Jewellery polishing: Your beloved jewellery can lose its sheen or lustre with extended wear. With our jewellery cleaning and polishing service, we can buff out scratches and other signs of wear and tear so your jewellery looks and sparkles like new.
  • Maintenance and inspection: No matter how fine your jewellery, its lustre can fade with normal wear and tear. With our routine jewellery maintenance and inspection, you can ensure your precious pieces of jewellery are always in good condition. You’ll also be protecting them from damage and avoiding more expensive repair and restoration work down the line.
Can’t find the specific jewellery service you’re looking for? We offer other jewellery repair services at LC Jewellers, so please get in touch.

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