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It’s a real privilege to own custom jewellery like no other — pieces that carry a depth of meaning and celebrate special occasions and connections.

At LC Jewellers, our skilled artisans are ready to craft your one-of-a-kind custom jewellery in Brisbane and Beenleigh, Queensland.

Whatever your reason, LC Jewellers is here to match your vision with beautifully and expertly crafted custom jewellery in Brisbane and Beenleigh.

Why Custom Jewellery

LC Jewellers has been crafting fine jewellery since 2004. Our industry experience has given us rich insights into why our clients want custom jewellery.

Here are just a few reasons why people come to us to design and craft custom jewellery:

Custom Designed Jewellery

Whatever your reason, LC Jewellers is here to match your vision with beautifully and expertly crafted custom jewellery in Brisbane and Beenleigh.

Inspired Vision

An Inspired Vision

Many people think that designing custom jewellery is a complicated, daunting process. And we can’t blame them, either. People today are so busy that the thought of designing something as precious as jewellery seems both fanciful and overwhelming.

LC Jewellers is here to tell you that all it takes is a design inspiration and your vision of the piece you want us to create.

We’ll work with you through the process and guide you in coming up with unique, elegant and impressive design ideas. You don’t need to be especially knowledgeable about jewellery and gems.

What we need from you is information on the theme or style you want and what elements of design you find less appealing. You could share other details like your metal of choice and the gems you want to be included.

Together, we’ll work on refining your jewellery concept and come up with a sketch we could work around and implement.

Details that Matter

You could come to LC Jewellers with only a vague design idea for the custom jewellery you want. But it’s also not unheard of for artists, architects, engineers and designers to come to us with drawings or sketches of the custom jewellery they want us to make for them.

But even then, we still need to flesh out the details and assess the feasibility of the design they want based on the materials proposed.

Whatever the case, our priority at LC Jewellers is to bring your design to life or something as close to your vision as possible. This way, you’ll have the custom jewellery you know is uniquely yours and a pleasure to wear.

LC Jewellers
The Custom Jewellery

The Custom Jewellery-Making Process

As you share the details of your design ideas with us, we’ll also be probing further with more questions. And while we listen to you, we’ll be putting your thoughts on paper.

Depending on the style or theme, we’ll also be giving you suggestions or showing you samples or photos to not only inspire but also help refine the outcome. We’ll let you know what is ideal and feasible right away until we are able to translate your vision successfully in a sketch or drawing.

If you have your own gemstones ready, you may bring them to us so we can match the materials with the jewellery design you want. Alternatively, we can source the gems you need based on the final approved design.

During the design process, we will consider the following factors depending on the type of jewellery pieces you want us to work on:

We will also ask you to select from the following range of metals we use for jewellery making:

If you wish to use diamonds in a specific colour, we can source black, blue, champagne, cognac, pink, white and yellow ones for you. We also provide diamonds in the following shapes or cuts:

Aside from diamonds, we can source various gemstones, including:

Your peace of mind and confidence in LC Jewellers are important to us. We have a transparent gemstone sourcing process, and you are welcome to ask questions about the materials we use in creating your jewellery anytime. Before we move on to crafting your custom jewellery, we’ll also work out the final technical details, such as the stone setting type and clasps.

Expert Jewellers at Your Service

As one of the leading jewellers in Queensland, LC Jewellers has a team of trained and certified jewellery artisans who are highly experienced in making the following custom jewellery
Expert Jewellers At Your Service

Our best jewellers are trained to uphold the high-quality standards we have always been known for, so you can expect to receive superbly crafted pieces that are a beauty to behold.

If you wish for us to make a custom jewellery set where each piece complements the other, it will be our pleasure to provide this kind of service at LC Jewellers.

Aside from offering our expertise in sourcing the gemstones you want, we can also assist you in setting up insurance for your valuable jewellery.

Jewellery Repairs

Custom Jewellery in Brisbane & Beenleigh by LC Jewellers

Depending on the number of pieces, materials and the design of the custom-made jewellery you want, it can take us anywhere from 4 to 6 weeks to complete your order.

In case you require a faster turnaround time, please let us know so we can work out an arrangement.

Just remember that our skilled designers and artisans are here to ensure the final pieces of your custom jewellery are perfectly proportioned, expertly finished and impeccably set to last a lifetime.

Ready to embark on your custom jewellery project?

Please get in touch with LC Jewellers so we can turn your vision into a reality.

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